Thursday, April 30, 2009


Flower, the trap-springing gnome-on-a-rope, was a PC in the first “real” D&D game I ever played in. (Not 100% on the name, but if it wasn’t “Flower,” it was something like it.) He was played by the 12 year old brother of one of the older players, who was (and remained for years afterwards) completely nutso off-the-wall hyper, and he played his character much the same way. His PC was basically the slave of the party MU, and he was led around on a rope tether (which he was constantly straining against to reach shiny things and levers). When the party would come to a suspicious-looking section of corridor, the party meatshields would heave-ho Flower down the hall, and then proceed to drag him back by his leash, springing any traps he bounced across along the way. At the time this treatment seemed somewhat harsh (albeit hilarious), but looking back now, the trouble his PC would’ve gotten in were he not tethered to the party would probably make a few 10’ pits seem like a walk in the park.

Here’s to innovation in dungeoneering!


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