Monday, January 16, 2012

Adventures in The Google (nonsense post)

Heh. Apparently when you do an image search for "blackleaf nooo", Mighty Thews comes up on the first page. That is all.


P.S.: If it's been a bit sparse around here, I'm currently in my last quarter of school and juggling music on top of it - not a lot of time for gaming, lately. We got a round or two of Mordheim in the other week, and I'm actually running 2nd Edition next week? (Dark Sun? That might generate a post or two.) And Paranoia the following weekend. But I'm not promising anything.

P.P.S.: So there's some actual content, here's a map of every D&D world on one globe. Probably compressed to shit, good luck with that.


  1. Direct link to that map if the compressed version doesn't work out for ya:

    - DYA

  2. noice.

    someone should make a cleaned-up readable version.

    or at least label it by setting.