Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So I'm Back, Apparently (Blogging a Dead Horse)


Yeah, it's been several minutes, now I'm gonna post again. We'll get through this together.

To sum up: Hell of a year. In the 7 months since I posted last, my father died of tons of cancer, I dis-engaged an engagement I was in, moved, my band put out a CD, and I started school for video game development. Also my computer got rained in. (IN.) So you'll understand if I've been a bit lean on the updates.

That said, I also set up a brandy-new game room in the new place, painted a shit-ton of new minis, and played a bunch of games, so plenty of game-fodder for the post-mill there. Should have tons of lovely pics and ranting soon, for now here's a couple of highlights. (Excuse the cameraphone pics, hoping to have a real, actual camera any time now.)

Some of what we've been doing / what's to come:



Space Hulk (and coming soon, Space Crusade!)


(We haven't played yet, so here's a picture of a kitty:)

Terrain-building crap

Tales of Clan Stormworks (or, "Dwarves Are Really Really Good at AD&D")

and the no-boys-allowed D&D game I'll be running in the next couple weeks (or, "Dungeons & Giggling"). (Sorry, no porn stars.) (Yet.)

(A more relevant kitty:)