Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hex Crawling in Style

Haven't posted in a long time, but I had to recognize this.  Our Monday AD&D group finished their long-term mission last week, and this session was slated to be the "intermission" episode, so to speak.  I've been selling the guys on the whole hex crawl thing for months, now, and tonight was the night I had to put my money where my mouth was.  I had whipped up a quick player version of my local hex map (just masked out all the color for black and white printing, and all the areas the guys haven't gotten to, yet) and - since I didn't have any ink for the damned laser printer - fired off a copy via email to one of the guys to print at work.

I was expecting to get back 4 black and white laser printed sheets from a desktop printer.  Instead my roommate goes to the print lab at the school he does IT work for, and comes back with this monster hi-res poster map.  Looks AWESOME (and, man am I glad I sent him the vectored PNG rather than a rasterized JPG).  It really drove home the hex crawl concept, and the guys have already started making it their own with penciled-in notes and symbols for the crazy ruins and relics they've happened across (not to mention a big "LAND SHARK HERE" mark - yeah, they fought a bulette, lost a conveniently tasty halfling and a warhorse to it).  Without further ado, my awesome players' awesome player map (click for full-sized image):

Can't wait to run'em through this sucker some more, next week.

   - DYA