Thursday, March 21, 2024

Sandbox mission generator: Location ("Where's the thing?")

There are a ton of solutions out there for generating jobs/quests/missions/etc., but not many of them seem to give advice on placing the object of the quest in question. Here's one solution, tailored to a Mediterranean-sized wilderlands hex map (possibly one featuring high fantasy), and assuming a 6 mile hex (it'd work well with a 5 mile or 8 mile hex, more or less, if you're not fussed over the math getting weird). You can work out the distances in miles or hexes, whichever is convenient.

Where's the Thing?

1-2 Here (local / in town)
3-5 Near (within a day's ride / 50 (1d6x8) miles / 1d8 hexes)
6-8 There (within 300 (1d6x50) miles / 1d6x8 hexes)
9-10 Far (within 1000 (1d10x100) miles / 1d6x30 hexes)

Modifiers: Thorp or Hamlet -1, Town +0, City or Metropolis +1

Placing: Chop the distance indicated above in half. Roll 1d6 for a hex side facing (1d6 clockwise starting with the north face), move the (halved) distance indicated in this direction. Halve the remaining distance, roll for direction again. Stop once the subdivisions are smaller than a hex, or once you're sick of doing it.

Art note: Creepy wizard by Peter Andrew Jones. Where's this guy going?