Sunday, March 4, 2012

Update On Not Having Any Updates

Hey, folks. If you're wondering why there's been so much gaping nothingness here, lately, it's because I'm in the home stretch to finish school. (Associate in C.S. with a concentration in Game Development and Simulation, as it happens.) After this next few weeks, things should pick up again to my usual half-assed posting schedule.

For the time being, here's some crap to hold you over: The first is some line art that I did for an Intro to Drawing class - it's a work in progress, the image here is presented before shading.

The second is a work in progress shot of the map for my Saltmarsh/southern Keoland sandbox game (a campaign we're just now getting off the ground, in the mode of Ben Robbins' West Marches campaign - basically a revolving cast/open door idea, which fits the schedules of my player base, most of whom are either in touring bands, or have crazy work schedules). It's composited together from several different sources, with my additions mostly coming out of (or based on results from) Kellri's (completely fucking essential) CDD#4 Old School Encounters

You'll note I'm gradually overlaying my stuff on top of the underlying regional map - the end product should look an AWFUL lot like the Wilderlands of High Fantasy maps, thanks in part to the hyper-useful screentone scans found at John Cooper's website. These are a perfect match for the old-school cartography style - very inspiring. (My players, kindly stay out.)

See ya all once I'm out of this here tunnel - I can just see the light, now. ;)