Friday, August 13, 2021

Random Plane Shift Destinations in Mutant Future

Mutant Future characters with the Plane Shift mutation might be able to escape the world (and the game) entirely, but when the ability is first used (and any time it's used without a prior destination in mind), the GM needs to come up with a random destination. Conversion notes for almost any system that isn’t D&D-based can be found in the Thieves' World boxed set. A sampling of the other dimensions one might access with this ability:

Random Plane Shift Destinations
1 Sigil, the City of Doors (Planescape)
2 Wildspace (Spelljammer)
3 Ravenloft (beware, this trip can be one-way)
4 Mystara (see Comeback Inn)
5 Blackmoor (see Comeback Inn)
6 The Forgotten Realms (see World Serpent Inn)
7 Greyhawk (see World Serpent Inn)
8 The Wilderlands of High Fantasy (Judges Guild)
9 The Realm of Faerie (Planescape)
10 Wonderland (EX1 Dungeonland, EX2 The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror)
11 Oz
12 The Third Imperium (Traveller)
13 Earth-616 (the Marvel Superheroes universe - Dr. Strange will eventually show up for a chat)
14 Earth-1 (the DC Heroes universe - The Spectre will eventually show up for a chat)
15 The Warden (Metamorphosis Alpha)
16 Known Space (Star Frontiers)
17 Eldorado County (Promise City, see Boot Hill)
18 Seattle (Shadowrun)
19 The Palladium Megaverse (see subtable)
20 A bar (see subtable)

Palladium Megaverse subtable
1 The St. Louis Rift (in the Magic Zone of Rifts Earth’s North America)
2 Phase World (a multidimensional city connecting the Three Galaxies)
3 New York (TMNT & Other Strangeness)
4 D'Hoonib (in Federation Territory, homeworld of Fugitoid, see Transdimensional Turtles)
5 New Yak (After The Bomb)
6 Gideon E (Mechanoid Invasion - this could result in a Mechanoid Invasion of the Mutant Future!)

Several of the dimensions accessible in this way are bars:
1 The World Serpent Inn (OP1 Tale of the Outer Planes)
2 The Comeback Inn (AKA the Inn Between the Worlds, see DA1 Blackmoor)
3 The Laughing Beholder (on the Rock of Bral in Spelljammer’s Wildspace)
4 The Cafe of Broken Dreams (at a random location in Fallout's New California Wasteland)
5 The Floating Vagabond (of comedy RPG Tales from the Floating Vagabond - all of the bars below should use the rules found here)
6 Callahan’s Cross-Time Saloon
7 Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe
8 Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grille

There are definitely other additions that could be made to this - it's largely based on my game collection, and I simply stopped when the number of table entries looked nice and round. Note that some potential additional destinations (such as Krynn, Athas, or Tekumel) are specifically sealed against casual extraplanar entry / monitored for same by higher powers, but even these might be accessed by some of the "hub" planes listed here. I kept the Palladium worlds on their own subtable because a) if you have one you probably have more, b) they're all easy to travel between, and c) if you're not into Palladium games, you can easily replace #19 on the main table (one possibilty is Narnia's Wood between the Worlds).