Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Middenheim Madam (and why the WFRP career system rules)

Real quick observation on the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay career system:

The players are hard at work establishing a crime syndicate (the Crime Dudes), and one of the specialties they're looking to diversify into is the flesh trade. Hos, to be blunt. To facilitate this, they've put the word out on the street for an experienced ("old" was how they put it) doxy with house experience. A former madam if they could get one. Thus was born Marienburg Rose.

So now to stat our new NPC. Browse browse browse, I'm actually mildly surprised to find that neither 1e nor 2e WFRP books have a "prostitute" career (as completist as they otherwise are) - until I read twice under the "Camp Follower" entry. Uh-huh. Charm, Street Fighter, Sleight of Hand, Resistance to Disease, so on and so forth. Well, fair enough - and the career actually offers a good mix of survival and interpersonal skills. One career down.

Now, of course, they're not gonna have a "madam" career. Buuuuut - Innkeeper? That'll do for government work. And then I see that you can go directly from Camp Follower to Innkeeper in just 2 career changes via the Servant career. BANG.

The funny thing is, a character that's 3 careers in like this is actually fairly formidable in WFRP, at least to my first-career PC group. This tough old broad has a pile of people skills and is a nasty customer in a scrap, to boot. Should make for some interesting bar scenes if the PCs actually get a house going.



  1. 'Now, of course, they're not gonna have a "madam" career.'


    The term you're looking for is 'Bawd', and yes, it's in 1st edition. I think there's a fan-made career for 2nd edition too.

  2. Hunters become the hunted when she drops their asses on street corners to earn some crowns...!

  3. Like Ursca said, it's all there, just euphemistically, and with some gender assumptions getting in the way.